Whatever it takes

Oct 05, 2022
In all the time that I’ve been helping people with their life and business, I’ve learned what separates those who succeed from those who struggle or fail: Determination.
Simply put, are you willing to do whatever it takes to grow your business to the next level? 
My clients who have recently joined my 16 Week Marketing & Sales Intensive for Health, Wellness and Fitness Pros have been. Let me tell you about some of them (names changed for privacy):
  • Zoe has been working LONG hours 1:1 as a psychologist. For someone else. She's a single mum, and is the sole provider for her children. The only way she has been able to increase her wage is by working more hours. She's so determined to create something different for herself and her kids. So much so, that she's spent the last 12 months becoming a certified Divorce Coach. Now she's doing my program to learn the skills to take her knowledge online. To succeed, she knows she needs great marketing and sales processes. That's what I'm teaching her.  
  • Teghan is a Naturopath & Osteopath who knows how to 'speak male'. She fits in with the boys, and is creating a program to help men with their health and fitness. Her determination comes from some background learning challenges. So, she's told me that as long as I set the pace and accountability, she will keep up. And that's exactly what I do! We have 4 points in the program, where my clients get their written work reviewed. Plus, we have our weekly coaching calls where they can ask questions.  
  • Greg is a physio who wants to create a rehab coaching program for his patients. He wants to spend more time with his family. Up to this point, his bricks and morter in-person clinic has been draining his time. He's so determined to create a new revenue stream so that he can step away from such long hours at the clinic. I can see what's possible for him.  Mark my words... In 12 months time, I'm positive that he will have equalled his 1:1 consulting income (plus more) with his online work. 
So what about you? If you are willing to do what it takes, then nothing can stop you. But if you’re not, well… Let’s consider some of the most common deal breakers that could get in your way.
  • I'm too busy with work and family
  • I don't know what I'd want to teach
  • I'm no good with tech, so how could I go online
It’s an endless list of “I'm too" or "I don't" or "I can't" that can mess us up the most. But it’s only because we haven’t fully committed to doing whatever it takes. If we’re really willing to go to any length to create true time, location and financial freedom, then here’s how we might approach those obstacles.
  • We all have demands on our time. You have to commit to scheduling time to work on your and your business, and MAKE THEM A PRIORITY. Even when the kid is sick and the boss is asking you to see 2 more patients on the end of your day. 
  • We all find that first investment in ourselves the hardest. Most of us put others before ourselves. "The family needs a new car first", or "The kids need money for the school camp", or "I'll just buy this new Real Time Ultrasound for the clinic first". So that first investment in ourselves can feel selfish. But remember, you are not "spending', you are "investing". All those around you will benefit from this investment too. 
  • We all start in the same place. Comparisonitis is very real. It's so easy to look at someone else in the online space and say "she's successful because she has all the resources". But 'she' started exactly where you are. Easy is earned. We all find it hard at the start when it's new!
It’s all about commitment. And it helps to think about that word starting with a little ‘c’ – which means, you only have to make the right choices today, realising that’s how you build up long-term success. Over time, making the decision to commit, and then take action is what will bring you success.
One day at a time, the next best decision, day after day. That’s commitment. Is yours strong enough?
Andrea x
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