Dr Andrea Robertson

Business Coach Osteopath Naturopath Nutritionist

In 16 weeks I show Health and Wellness Professionals how to create, launch and scale an online course so they can create true time, location and financial freedom.

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Lead Generation

Lead generation brings future soulmate clients into your world.

In this program you will learn proven lead generation and conversion events such as building a webinar and the promotion and follow up processes that go with that. You will learn how to generate and market your own lead magnet. You will learn how a Tier 1 offer is absolutely imperative as part of your complete business strategy. Without lead generation you will have no sales or ongoing and sustainable revenue.

With this program, you will build a simple and sustainable lead generation system.

Marketing & Sales

It’s imperative that you know who your soulmate clients are. What they think and say, and how to niche down your messaging and offer to attract them.

Your soulmate clients are hanging out on social media, so it’s imperative that you have a simple and consistent social media presence, with the right messaging and marketing that positions you as an expert.

Without marketing and sales you have an audience but no revenue. You want your soulmate clients to find you and say yes.  

Mindset & Long Term Strategy

Having a success mindset and the right business systems are key. Time management, goal setting, financials, client support and lead tracking is imperative to a successful and lucrative online business. 

You need a long term strategy and somewhere for your clients to continue with you after they finish your signature coaching program. Plus you need to create the right offer for your soulmate client from the start. Without that, you could spend hours and generate little to no revenue at all.

With a long term strategy and the right mindset, you will have a sustainable and ongoing online business.

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