Osteopath, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Business Coach

B.Sci.(Clin.Sci.),M.H.Sci.(Osteo.),Adv.Dip.(Naturopathy),Adv.Dip.(Nutrition), OA Member. Pilates, Barre & Yoga Instructor

Dr Andrea Robertson is an Osteopath, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Business Owner and Wellness Entrepreneur who spends her time between Port Fairy & Melbourne, Australia. Having grown up on a farm in country Victoria, her interest in health and nutrition began at a young age due to parents who raised her and her brother on ‘rabbit food and bird seed’. Andrea and her brother were not overly impressed with this at the time, however they are both extremely grateful to their parents now for their healthy upbringing.

Andrea has completed 4 tertiary education courses, including her Masters in Health Science. She has a thirst for learning and continually loves to develop her skill-set. Andrea has a real passion for health, fitness and wellness, and loves to inspire others towards a healthier and happier life also.

For many years, Andrea owned and ran 2 Boutique Fitness Studios and Southside Clinic, a busy allied health clinic in Adelaide, SA, where she consulted and saw patients in both Osteopathy and Nutrition/Naturopathy appointments.

Andrea sold these in 2021 and now works from home with clients all over the world in two main ways:

1) Helping women over 35 end the cycle of dieting, using a simple science-backed approach to losing weight and keeping it off, so they can fit back into their clothes, feel great and thrive with energy and body confidence.

2) Showing health practitioners and coaches how to help more people and make a bigger impact so they can create freedom of choice in life and business.

You can also find Andrea on her YouTube Channel ‘Barre with Andrea’, and in 'The Barre Clinic TV' - her online barre and yoga studio.

Andrea is also an ex-professional dancer. Classically trained, she danced professionally for many years at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, at Son Amar in Spain, on a cruise ship in the Caribbean and in various TV, sporting and corporate events in Australia.