Dr Andrea Robertson

Osteopath Naturopath Nutritionist

I help busy women, aged 35+, end the cycle of dieting, using a simple, science-backed approach to losing weight and keeping it off, so they can fit back into their clothes, feel great, and thrive with energy and body confidence.

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The Nutrition Detection Method

To achieve long lasting weight loss and regain energy, you need to be able to work out the exact foods that are right or wrong for your body by determining if they cause inflammation.

This can change with time, lifestyle factors and age, so you need a method that allows you to learn and adjust at any given time.

You also need a method that is sustainable, simple, easy to implement, and doesn’t affect your social life for long periods of time. When you understand this method, you will get off the diet rollercoaster and navigate your midlife & beyond with better sleep, more energy, and less stress. 

Movement Specific for Women Aged 35+

The second thing you need is a plan for exercise and movement that fits into your lifestyle, supports the changes your body is going through, and doesn’t cause any physical or emotional stress. You will regain flexibility and develop more strength, all the while being supported with any pain or injury you may have.

Most women think they need to do hours of cardio to lose weight. In this program, you discover this is not the case, especially for women aged over 35+. If you exercise often, and are not losing weight, it’s likely you are not doing the right type of exercise for you and where you are at in life.

Mindset & Long Term Strategy

The third thing you need is the right mindset and a long term strategy to navigate hormonal changes, lose weight, keep it off, and maintain high energy levels. What you were doing before isn't working anymore, so you need a new solution that will work in the long term. This needs to fit into your busy lifestyle, family and work commitments.

Understanding the science of nutrition and fitness for women aged 35+, understanding mindset, and learning to plan will set you up for long term success and get you off the cycle of dieting for good, and get you mentally and physically back in your power again.

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