Conquering COVID Challenges: How I Nailed Success in my Online Coaching Biz while Bedridden with COVID!

May 10, 2023

I'm back my friends! After two weeks of my first ever COVID-19 experience, I'm back to the computer! And, I want to share how I maintained a thriving coaching business - despite being hit by this notorious bug.

In the face of feeling quite unwell, it wasn't all gloom and doom.

My business sailed through those challenging two weeks without skipping a beat. This was thanks to a well-crafted strategy and unwavering support from my team. Join me as I delve into the details and offer insights on how I accomplished this feat:

  1. Crafting a Solid Business Strategy. Having a rock-solid business strategy is a sturdy foundation for success, even during illness! Long before COVID hit me, I rolled up my sleeves and created an epic business strategy. I have clear goals. I have laser-focused target audience identification. And I have a well-defined roadmap for growth. So, when the virus knocked me off my feet, I had a game plan. It keep me going strong and took very little thought or energy to maintain.
  2. Cultivating a Supportive Network. Having a team or support network of colleagues who are passionate about health and wellness is like having your own superhero squad. I made sure to surround myself with amazing folks who are just as passionate about the coaching industry as I am. And guess what? When I got sick, they swooped in like champions to help with client coaching call, client inquiries and keep the business chugging along.
  3. Embracing Tech Magic. Let's be real, the pandemic forced us all to become tech wizards, and I continued to embrace that like a pro! From virtual communication tools to nifty project management platforms and automation software, I tapped into all the techie goodness. Even with a fever and crazy body aches, I was able to keep my administrative tasks on point while working less than 1-2 hours a day. Thank you, technology, for saving the day!
  4. Smooth Sailing with Killer Systems: Efficiency is the name of the game, my friends. I had previously streamlined my business operations like a well-oiled machine. I used smart automation and had clearly documented processes. This ensured that my business continued running like clockwork. Even when I was napping on the couch, watching Netflix and sipping herbal tea. And let's not forget my awesome team who flawlessly executed everything in my absence. You guys rock!
  5. Spreading the Love: Being stuck on the couch didn't mean I had to vanish from the scene! Oh no, my friend. My team was so well versed in my systems and processes, that they kept the coaching vibes flowing by pumping out killer content on my behalf. I must admit, we were less consistent with my social medial content delivery than in a 'healthy' week. Yet, we still delivered valuable, juicy tidbits to my audience, keeping them engaged and entertained. And that showed that I was still the wellness and business guru, even from my sickbed

So there you have it... That's how I kept my coaching business alive and thriving during my tango with COVID-19. Thanks to a kick-ass strategy, a team of amazing colleagues, tech magic, smooth-operating systems and killer content marketing, I not only survived but thrived!

It's a very different story to falling ill now, while working 90% online, than when I owned my allied health clinic. Back then, I would have had to cancel all my patients and lose out on earning $10K over 2 weeks. Yet, I still had to pay rent and my staff wages.

This time, I made money from the couch! AND... I love the fact that the expenses of running an online business are significantly less than when I owned a clinic. There was so much less stress with falling ill this time, than if I had been hit with COVID as a clinic owner 18 months ago!

Remember, my fellow health and wellness practitioners, even the worst viruses can't bring us down! Especially when we've got the right mindset and support in place.
So, if you have, or haven't, had COVID yet, it's likely some sort of cold, or virus or illness will hit you at some stage this year. So get those systems, processes and mindset habits in place now!

Andrea :)

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