Unpopular Opinion: Manifesting Your Dreams is NOT ENOUGH

business coaching businesscoach health coach health professionals manifesting your dreams online coach Dec 06, 2023

Other Coaches: "Manifesting your ideal business will bring you all the success you ever dreamed of".

Me: "Being consistent, putting in the work, having time in the game, and having a clear and aligned strategy... (plus a little goal setting), will bring you all the success you ever dreamed of".

Let's break this down.

First, send me a message with a "Yes" if you've ever heard an online coach promote the idea that manifesting your dreams is all that is needed. You know, make a vision board, write it in a journal and sleep with it under your pillow. That kind of stuff. 

All that is fine, if have the other parts.

But manifestation on it's own is not enough.

When you come to me saying you want to launch an online program and have a successful online business...

...I'm going to let you know "that is very possible for you". And then I'm going to tell you "it won't be easy, because if it was, everyone would do it. You'll need to be focused, put in the work, and build credibility and consistency". And here is why...

When my clients start working with me, I ask how they found me.

They say

  • "My friend who is in your program recommended you"
  • "I found you through you posting in XYZ facebook group"
  • "I found one of your reels and started following you"
  • "My friend recommended I join your Facebook Group"
  • "I joined the free challenge you ran in your Facebook Group"
  • "You sent me an email"
  • "I saw your Facebook Live"

If I ONLY manifested my dreams...

...If I DIDN'T build the know, like and trust factors through my Instagram Strategy, my Facebook Group Strategy, building and emailing my mailing list, and serving my current clients REALLY well...

...NONE of my clients would have found me. 

I'd still be manifesting...

They'd still be waiting for their transformation into becoming a successful online business owner. 

You can't expect to have a 6 figure or multi 6 figure online business just because you have manifested it. It doesn't work like that! 

  • You need to build your email list, and actually email them regularly.
  • You need to go live on socials.
  • You need to offer low cost or free conversion events.
  • You need to promote and sell your offers.
  • You need to show your face on social media. 

So if you want amazing results, you'd better start creating an amazing strategy, and taking some amazing action!

And start to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

Because on the other side of discomfort is where the magic happens my friend.

If you're ready to do some amazing work, with an amazing strategy, inside a community with fabulous fellow health practitioners and coaches... let's chat.

Andrea :)

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