Does Hard Work Really Equal Making Money?!?

Apr 17, 2024

What I'm about to share with you today could change your life.

Especially if you are working long hours in your business, and can't see a way out of that.

  • Perhaps you feel if you slow down, the money will stop coming in.
  • Or you'll feel not worthy if you make money without working longer hours.
  • Or you'll feel lazy, or unfair, if you're delegating to your team but you are going for a facial while they work

Let's dig more into the mindset block, or limiting belief of Hard Work Equals Making Money.

This is me.

I've been working on this mindset block ever since I realised I had it about 2 years ago.

And I'm getting there, but it is a work in progress.

Looking back I can see where it came from.

In 2017 (some of you have heard me talk about this VERY HARD year), I had 12 staff resignations in 9 days. It nearly killed my business. But I did the only thing I knew what to do, and that was see more patients, work longer days, work weekends, and bring the money in to get ahead again.

I did it. I pulled myself out of the hole.

Along with not going to the hairdresser for 2 years, and selling my nice car to drive a $500 bomb car, I managed to not go under financially.

But that time created a limiting belief or money mindset block in my mind, that I had to work hard to make money

It wasn’t until I did these things that I was able to shift this mindset...

  • I gave myself permission to delegate. It was a big step to let go, and know that my team will not always do everything how I would, and that's ok. (In fact sometimes they do it better!).
  • I forgave myself for money mindset situations that happened in the past. I journaled all the memories I had around money from childhood through to now...and I practiced a forgiveness exercise that I learnt from Denise Duffield Thomas - I said to myself "I forgive you, thank you, Sorry, I love you" in relation to each memory. Boy was that a powerful exercise to do!

And now, this week is a week of celebration, because with delegation and changing up my nutrition program for my clients to have less live time with me (but still be uber supported), this is the first week of many that I've given myself back about 10 hours per week. That is a full day back!

And I'm celebrating by going for a facial today, in work hours, and not feel guilty about it.

So what about you think you have the mindset block of hard work = making money?

If you're unsure...ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you find yourself overcomplicating things, or re-doing things, instead of following a proven plan or system
  2. Do you get bored, and stop doing something that's working, or move on to build a new thing from scratch - that's me for sure!!!!!
  3. Do you resist delegating, because it's quicker if you do it, and no-one else can do it as well as you...that was me too until recently.
  4. Do you never stop to celebrate your wins...instead moving on to the next thing without taking a break.

If you like using affirmations...try this one on. Again, I learnt this from reading Denise DT's book, Chill and Prosper:

"I work half the time for twice as much money"

So instead of working harder and harder, which is very likely to eventually lead to burnout....

  • You need to work smarter not harder.
  • You need to let people support you in your business.
  • You need to learn to give up control over doing everything yourself
  • And instead you have to get comfortable with, and embrace, elimination, automation and delegation. 

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