7 Tips for Going Live on Social Media

Apr 26, 2023

Going live on social media can be super terrifying.


Even for those of us who do it regularly.


Yet, if it's your first time, it can be even more scary and overwhelming!


When you go live regularly, you do get more engagement, and there is a greater potential to reach more people.


Even knowing this, I know it can cause anxiety, and your mind can go blank on what to say.


Last week, for example, I started a Facebook live, got a blank brain about 2 mins in...decided to stop the live, and start again. So you can see, I do lives regularly, and still trip myself up from time to time.


But here's the thing, going live is essential if you want to build a successful business as an online health/wellness expert.


When you go live, you can create connections with your audience that feel more personal and 'real' than in any other form of social media posts.

People want to see the real you.


They want to get to know you, as you really are. Not some polished version or highly edited reel. They want to see that you're just like them and that you understand what they're going through.


So, I want to make it a little easier for you, by sharing my top 7 tips for going live on social media as a health and wellness expert:

  1. Practice beforehand: Try rehearsing your presentation or talking points before you go live. This can help you feel more confident and prepared. I always do a practice run before every live, and I can tell you, it makes a huge difference.
  2. Choose a topic you're passionate about: Talking about something you care about can help you feel more comfortable and engaged during your live stream.
  3. Start with a friendly greeting: Begin your live stream by greeting your audience with a smile and friendly tone of voice. And let them know what you do straight away, and the problems you can help them solve.
  4. Use a script: When you first start doing lives, I suggest writing down what you want to say before you go live. This can help you stay on track and avoid getting flustered. As you get more practiced, doing lives more regularly, you will need a script less and less. These days, I just have a few dot points jotted down on a sticky note to keep me on track. You'll get to that point quite quickly too, as long as you make doing your lives a regular practice.
  5. Keep it short and sweet: Aim for a live stream that's seven minutes or less. This can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed or losing your audience's attention.
  6. Be yourself: Your audience wants to see the real you, so don't worry about being perfect. Embrace your quirks and unique personality traits.
  7. Follow a formula: When you work with a coach, they will often help you with a Live Video Formula. A great live video formula is designed with key marketing concepts in mind. AND it makes it much easier to work out what to say. In my Business Coaching Program, I have an absolute magic formula that I teach to my clients. It makes doing lives So. Much. Easier! Plus it is a video format that converts!


So now that you have some hot tips, it's time to go and prepare your next (or first) live social media video.


Let me know how it goes. I'd love to know!


Or even tag me in it when you go live, so I can come along and support!


Andrea x


PS...if you'd like more support from me in all things sales and marketing for an online health/wellness coaching business, book in a Discovery Call with me. We will chat about how I can help you stop trading time for money in your 1:1 clinical practice, and instead create true time, location and financial freedom: www.andrearobertson.health/wcs