Why Most Resolutions Fail – and What to Do Instead

Jan 16, 2023

We hear every year that the vast majority of New Year’s Resolutions fail.

But why is that? How can we learn from all that failure to ensure we succeed?

Here are some of the reasons for failure – and a solution for each.  

The reason for failure: Unrealistic expectations – wanting too much of ourselves (or for ourselves) too fast.

  • The solution: Start small and consistently progress. Here’s an obvious example that makes the point well. If you want to become a runner, you don’t try a marathon on your first day. Maybe you commit to jogging for five minutes a day on three days a week for the first couple weeks, and then add a minute or two at a time until you’re comfortable jogging for longer distances. 

 The reason for failure: Going it alone, without an accountability partner.

  • The solution: Involve a friend, loved one or acquaintance…or best yet – a coach! Share your goals. Keep each other on track through mutual reliance and accountability. 

The reason for failure: Not planning, and then stumbling into each new week without having put any thought into it. 

  • The solution: Sitting down with a calendar now and again at the start of each month to see what’s coming up that a) might be an opportunity for you or b) might be a challenge. Surprises will still occur, of course, but you’ll be less likely to be thrown off your game. 

The reason for failure: Not reviewing and assessing.  

  • The solution: Regularly assess your progress and write it down. This will keep you from feeling frustrated, because you are probably making progress even when it feels pointless. Stay in the “gain” idea – where you’re improving, as the facts show -- rather than in the “gap” – between present reality and an impossible ideal.

The reason for failure: Negative self-talk.  

  • The solution: Learning to rise above all that nonsense. Give yourself positive affirmations every day. Reward progress as you make it. Be grateful for everything that’s going well. HELP SOMEONE ELSE.

Now, these were culled from research, experience, and common sense around the idea of New Year’s Resolutions. But they’re solid statements that can guide you at any point in life, no matter what the calendar says.

Sometimes you just gotta look at something from a different angle!


Andrea x

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