What to do when your social posts flop!

Nov 09, 2022

Does it seem like your social posts are invisible? 

You get no engagement, no likes, and no sales? 

You could be speaking the wrong messaging to the wrong people.

So you’re doing your social posts, and you’re even serving before selling. You are using language that YOU like to use, not the language that your clients use. When you speak language and use messaging that doesn’t connect with your audience... they will skim read your post. Then they'll scroll to the next thing that catches their attention in the feed. 

And yet again, that means no connection, no inquires and no money in your bank.

You must do your Soulmate Client research. 

Do a poll on your Instagram stories. Do a poll on your facebook. You need to know what your future soulmate clients think, and say, and do. What do they say to themselves when they look in the mirror. What keeps them awake at night? And what are their biggest dreams and desires.

When I was first creating my online nutrition/mindset/movement program, I had no idea of who my soulmate client was going to be. I had a recipe book that I wanted to turn into an online coaching program, but that was all I had decided upon. 

I polled my audience, and 107 responses later... I realized that my program needed to be for women aged 35 and over. Because they were all telling me “everything I used to do doesn’t work anymore”. Using that exact messaging in my marketing allowed me to generate a 76K launch 3 months later.

So tell me about you? 

Do you know who your soulmate client is? 

Do you know what they say to themselves when they lay awake in bed at night? Do you use the language that THEY use in your marketing messaging?

If you were to become an expert at using the right messaging for your soulmate clients in your marketing, what would that do for your bottom line? 

Can you see the extra dollars sitting in your bank account? Can you feel the success. How proud you are of building an online program that helps so many people. How worthwhile your program is when it has such a huge impact in the lives of so many.

So tell me, can you commit today to doing some Soulmate Client research. 

Let me tell you the one engagement post that if you commit to sharing TODAY, will start your research process off. 

I want you to do a poll on your Facebook and an IG story with this exact line… “What’s the number 1 thing stopping you from (insert the outcome of your program)” – then list 3 dot points. 

For example. What’s the no 1 thing stopping you from losing weight? A) Time B) Knowledge C) Money. 

Then let’s see what results you get in! 

You may be surprised. 

So if you are going to commit to doing this today, type ‘I'm doing research’ in the comments below!