The only thing stopping you…

Feb 20, 2023

Do you want to know the No.1 thing holding you back from the life you want?

It’s not your family, your job, or your responsibilities.

It’s you.

Specifically, your brain.

That’s right. Your brain feeds you more stories to sow doubt, overwhelm and exhaustion than any other source. It’s like an enemy within whose top priority is keeping you from taking the necessary action to get what you want.

  • Who tells you that you’re not THIS enough or THAT enough?
  • Who tells you it’s a waste of time to even try?
  • Or that you’ll never get anywhere?

Your brain, time and again.

It might seem natural, but it’s really the product of conditioning and programmed fear. Once you realise that the liar was put inside your head, you can begin to tell it to hush, or at least ignore it more often than not.

Recognise the lies you tell yourself for WHAT THEY REALLY ARE. Do this time and again, whenever your brain starts to repeat them. Stop them in their tracks and replace them with the truth … or at least with something positive, encouraging and helpful.

If you saw my Facebook post this morning, you will see that I tried something I've never done before on the weekend. I went Mountain Bike riding. I have never done that because I've always thought "I can't do that because I'll fall off, and break my wrist, then I won't be able to work, then I can't earn money...yah de yah de yay". This was a story I've been telling myself for years, and it's stopped me from doing lots of really fun activities. I've gotten rid of that story, and in the last few months have been having way more fun and adventures for it! 

You can get where you want to go, and do anything you want to do. But not until you learn to tell yourself what you really need to hear.


Andrea x

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