How to Create a Highly Engaged and Profitable Facebook Group ✅ FREE Training ✅

coaches facebook group health professionals marketing online marketing Nov 23, 2023

How to create a highly engaged and profitable facebook group.

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Setting up a facebook group is easy enough. But how do you use it as a tool to generate sales for your health/wellness business?

Any of us can set up a Facebook Group.

It takes less than 2 minutes to have it up and running.

But do you have a strategy on how to make your Facebook group work for you?

Do you know how to create an environment where your future clients can truly get to know, like and trust you?

This is what having a highly engaged and profitable Facebook group is all about.

In order to do this, there are a few important things you need to consider...

STEP 1 - Optimise your Personal Facebook Page

When someone comes to your personal page, do they know what you do? Can they quickly and easily see what you are passionate about, and how you help people? If not, you are missing potential new clients! Can they quickly and easily join your group from your personal page?

STEP 2- Optimise your Facebook Group

Can future clients find your group via keyword searches? Do they instantly see that you can solve their problems? And do you have a way to gather email addresses so when they join your group, they also join your email list?

STEP 3- Have a consistent presence

There is no point in having a group if you don't create content to share in it! You MUST have a strategy to easily create consistent content. Having a consistent presence allows future clients to get to know, like and trust you.

STEP 4- Share Live Videos that convert

The days of sharing any old live video to your group are over. Live videos these days need to call out your soulmate clients. They need to have a clear call to action. The need to show that you can solve the problems of your soulmate client. Plus telling a story is key to get emotional buy-in.

STEP 5 - Repurpose Live Video

Repurpose content to other platforms. When you create a great live video on Facebook, don't let it go to waste! Share it to Instagram and TikTok...even YouTube if you have a channel. Don't forget to change the format, add app suitable captions and change your call to action.

STEP 6- Nurture your group members via email

Get those future soulmate clients onto your email list. This is where you can offer weekly tips and advice to help them solve mini parts of their bigger challenges. This builds trust and credibility.

STEP 7- Have a deliberate and dynamic DM strategy

Do you have an authentic and strategic DM strategy that builds relationships? And do you have a way to keep on top of DM messages so you don't miss messages, forget to reply or lose track of a potential lead?

Facebook groups are one part of a bigger marketing and sales strategy that I teach in my 16 week coaching program that helps health practitioners and coaches launch a profitable online program.

Yet, actually...this strategy works if you are promoting your clinic or 1:1 work too!

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