The #1 Mistake Wellness Course Creators make when launching their program

Oct 26, 2022

You are so excited about your new program. You’ve spent hours designing a new logo, and choosing colours. You’ve built out all the modules and you love your program so much that you would buy it yourself! You do your first social post to share your new program, and then you wait for the sales to roll in. Two hours later, you check your socials. Not even one like or comment. Absolute crickets. Nothing. Nada. Your bank account remains at zero. All this work and nothing.

The truth is you need to serve before you earn the right to sell.

You must be adding value to the lives of your audience. Consistently. Serve, serve, serve. You must build trust. Your audience needs to get to know you and like you, before they will trust you. Without the know, like and trust factor, it’s impossible to create the financial freedom you desire. 

It was about 5 years ago. I was sitting in the courtyard of the new pub not far from my house. Waiting for my date to arrive. It was a warm evening, and I was all dressed up for the occasion. Laughter was trickling over the beats of the pub music. I saw a guy walk up to me, and my heart dropped. He looking nothing like his profile picture.

I was so disappointed. And the voice in my head said ‘another Friday night that I’ll never get back’. I sat there and smiled at the right times, and nodded when appropriate. He proceeded to plan out our next 3 dates in a row, assuming that this one date meant a new serious relationship was on! I think if I gave him any encouragement, he would have asked me to marry him on that first date.

Selling your program before serving your audience, is really like asking your audience to marry you on the first date. And if your audience is anything like me, they would run in the other direction as fast as they could!    

So what about you? Do you ask your audience to marry you on the first date? Do you try to sell before serving? Or perhaps you only post to your socials when you have something to sell? 

If you were to completely master serve, serve, serve before sell…what would this feel like for you? What would it feel like when your soulmate clients came to you without having to use any icky sales tactics. How would it feel when they came to you ready to buy?

So, can you commit today to making sure your next social post is a serve post. Can you commit to providing something really valuable to your audience that has the potential to change their lives? Respond to me with an 'I'm going to serve' reply, if you are committing right now to doing this for your next social post. And then let me know how it goes!