Mindful Eating During Christmas Parties

christmas indulgences christmas parties holiday eating mindful eating social events Dec 04, 2023

If you’re like most people, you’ll be going to more social events this month than normal. Too many parties in too little time can really mess up your nutrition and healthy eating. But it doesn’t have to be that way – not if you plan ahead with these Christmas Party Success Strategies!

  1. Be Selective. You’re not obligated to accept every invitation or to stay all night. Choose the ones that matter most to you -- whether for the company, the fun, or the fabulous food. Prioritise your favourites, and let the rest gracefully fade away.
  2. Practice Portion Control. Use smaller plates at parties and feasts. Resist the urge to sample everything and savour what truly delights you. 
  3. Participate in 'Bring a Plate' & Potlucks. Bring a dish that's not just healthy but a reflection of your love for good food. Share the joy of nourishing your body while contributing to the collective feast.
  4. Don’t Go Anywhere Hungry. Eat at least a light plate of healthy snacks before heading somewhere. You’ll be less likely to be tempted by whatever’s offered – or get hangry if service is delayed.
  5. Limit Alcohol. Too much wine or liquor can lead to overeating, so alternate a glass of water or sparkling water for each adult beverage, or choose to be the designated driver so you can say to to alcohol all night.

Remember that holiday parties are supposed to be fun. But don’t let your guard down too quickly. This is also a time when it’s easy to get over-stressed and neglect self-care

Just stay in the moment, pay attention to yourself, and remember you are totally allowed to say, “No, thank you” at any time!

Andrea x

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