How to Get Back on Track after Being Sick

May 29, 2023

Sometimes, life knocks us for a loop, despite our best efforts. We see it a lot at this time of year, with colds, flus and Covid bringing people down for a few days. Being sick can really throw a monkey in your plans, including your workouts and healthy eating habits.

So, it’s important to get back on the wagon, so to speak, smartly and with compassion for yourself tempered with discipline.

Remember, if you got sick, it wasn’t your fault. So, don’t blame yourself. But you can take positive steps next to limit the damage when you’re feeling better.

  1. Rest and be patient. Your body is probably worn out in ways that might not be apparent to you. Maybe you’re even feeling “over it.” But don’t make the easy mistake of rushing out of bed and into your busy life. Take it easy.
  2. Drink plenty of water. Even more than you normally might. You need to wash out toxins and avoid dehydration.
  3. Eat healthy, whole foods full of vitamins and nutrients. Your body is craving replacement of what it needs to get back to its full powers.
  4. Take a walk. The fresh air and sunshine will work wonders – and you’ll feel like you’re re-entering life again!
  5. Get (a little) organised. Don’t overthink it to the point of exhausting yourself. But it will clear your mind to make a “to do” list of what’s waiting for you.
  6. When it’s time to get back to the gym or your favourite exericse, take it slow to start. Even if you feel like you’re in full beast mode, you’re probably not. That might just be restlessness getting the best of you. Take a few days to ease back into the full routine. Remember to stretch – you need it more after the time away.
  7. Acknowledge the uncertainty of finding your balance. Recovering from an illness and getting back to exercise/dieting don’t have to derail you. But there’s no simple set of absolutes, either. 

Common colds and flus are, unfortunately, part of life. So are other little setbacks that we can’t control.

But we don’t have to let them cause too much lasting trouble, either! 

Andrea x

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