Get the Kids Involved in Your Health and Fitness Routine!

May 20, 2024

I've been reflecting on a common struggle among many of the incredible women I know...


...Balancing the desire to prioritise their health and fitness with the demands and dynamics of family life.


It's a challenge that often arises from the pressures of being a busy mum. Compounded by the difficulty of seamlessly integrating new healthy habits into family routines.


However, I firmly believe that involving your children in your health and fitness journey can not only make your efforts more effective... But also foster enjoyable experiences and stronger bonds within your family.


Here are some additional insights and strategies to further engage your kids in your wellness pursuits:

  1. Infuse Fun into Fitness: Children are naturally drawn to play and adventure. Incorporating elements of fun, such as active games and outdoor sports, can make physical activity more appealing and enjoyable for them. Whether it's a playful game of tag or an afternoon of cycling together, finding ways to make fitness enjoyable can ignite their enthusiasm and participation.
  2. Embrace Friendly Competition: Many kids thrive on the excitement of competition. Whether it's setting personal fitness goals or engaging in friendly challenges as a family, tapping into their competitive spirit can serve as a powerful motivator. Encourage them to track their progress and celebrate their achievements, fostering a sense of accomplishment and self-improvement.
  3. Integrate Household Chores: Transforming everyday chores into collaborative activities can be a creative way to incorporate movement into your family's routine. From tidying up the house to tending to the garden, involving children in household tasks not only promotes physical activity but also instils a sense of responsibility and teamwork.
  4. Gifts that Inspire Activity: Think beyond material purchases for gifts that encourage physical engagement and exploration without spending. From nature walks to DIY obstacle courses and treasure hunts, foster outdoor activity and bonding. Host family dance parties, tend to a garden, or organise mini sports days for free fun. Lead yoga sessions to promote well-being and shared experiences over possessions, inspiring an active lifestyle and lasting memories.
  5. Sync Schedules Strategically: Aligning your workout schedule with your children's activities and commitments can help minimise conflicts and ensure everyone feels included. Whether it's coordinating childcare arrangements or adjusting your exercise routine to coincide with their extracurriculars, prioritising synchronisation fosters a sense of balance and mutual support.
  6. The Power of Community: Don't hesitate to enlist the support of your co-parent, extended family members, or neighbours in your quest for family fitness. Consider organising group activities or forming a support network to share resources and responsibilities. By cultivating a sense of community and collaboration, you can amplify the impact of your efforts and create a supportive environment for everyone involved.
  7. Lead by Example: As a parent or mentor to other children, your actions speak volumes. Remember that you are a powerful role model for children, and your commitment to health and wellness sets a powerful example for them to follow. Embrace healthy habits with enthusiasm and consistency, demonstrating the value of self-care and physical activity in your daily life.

While gaining family support and participation may present challenges at times, I encourage you to remain persistent and creative in your approach. By implementing these strategies and fostering a mentality of shared goals and experiences, you can cultivate a culture of health and vitality within your family that yields lasting benefits for years to come.


Yours in health,

Andrea x


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P.P.S How gorgeous are my Executive Assistant Bek and her two children Lily and Jack out exercising together!