Get Fit FOR Your Family (Instead of Making Them an Excuse)

Jun 05, 2023

I want to tell you about two sisters I know.

They share many things in common – DNA, childhood experiences, basic values, etc.

But they couldn’t be more different when it comes to fitness.

One is a super-fit competitive athlete.

The other smokes, is overweight, and spends a lot of time on the couch.

Seriously! And I’m trying not to judge here, but bear with me. Here’s the point. Here’s the difference between them.

It’s how they relate to their own fitness to their families.

The athletic sister decided when her kids were young that she needed to stay strong and fit while raising them and, seeking a hobby for herself, she took up triathlons. She was devoted to her kids, but she craved time to herself and made it a priority – and she needed the energy to keep up with being a mom. Her kids and husband either support her activities or just blandly accept them as part of life.

The OTHER sister, though? Well, even before she had kids, she said her husband didn’t want her going anywhere without him, and since he had chronic back pain, they couldn’t exercise together. When the kids came, she was always “too busy” with their activities to do anything for herself. Sure she was tired all the time, but who wouldn’t be!

I bet you know people like this. Heck, we are ALL people like this at some point or another.

Here’s why: We make decisions about how to live every day.

  • We decide whether we will be healthy, fit and happy – or not.
  • We decide whether our family commitments are excuses to keep us from being fit – or not.
  • We decide whether we want to prioritise our own health and wellbeing – or not.

So, sure, you can blame your family and carry that handy excuse for decades, like the one sister did.

Or you can proudly stand up for yourself, invest in your health for yourself AND FOR THEM, and do your best to live a healthy lifestyle. To be around longer. To be more present with them every day.

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Andrea x