Wellness Course Creators - What NOT to do!

Nov 02, 2022

Course creators - this is what NOT to do when marketing your program. You must avoid selling your modules and deliverables. Instead you must sell a transformation.

You're interested in your modules, and what’s included in your program. But your audience isn’t. They don’t care if a Facebook groups included. The fact you have a weekly v’s a fortnightly coaching calls isn’t going to make a difference to them. They don’t care that a 47 page manuals included.

Manuals, and modules, and facebook groups is not going to get them to say YES to your offer.

Instead of selling modules, you need to sell the transformation.

What is the outcome that your clients will achieve by doing your program?

What results will they gain by going through your full process? What transformation is available to them if they follow your system?

Sell this.

Sell the transformation.

This connects to the emotional right brain of your clients and encourages them to say YES. They now know that they need you. They now realize that you are the one and only person who they know that can solve their exact problems for them.

It’s a bit like when I’m doing an osteopathy appointment with one of my patients. They don’t come to me because they want me to use a particular technique, like a manipulation or dry needling. They come to me because they want the pain to be gone. The want to be able to bend down and pick up their infant when they are crying.

They come to me for the transformation, not the steps to get there. They don’t care what techniques I use. They just want to feel better.

I sell the transformation in my nutrition program. I don’t lead by saying you get a facebook group, and a manual, and a free shaker, and a recipe book.

I lead by the transformation.

I ask if they would like to get rid of their brain fog? And fit back into their favourite clothes. And I ask if they’d like to sleep better and have their energy back.

Selling by transformation means I have shared many social posts and reels that have turned into $10K plus posts for me.

So tell me... have your previous social posts been listing out the dot points of all the deliverables in your program?

Have you found that very few clients approach you when they read a post like that? Have a think, on a scale of 1-10, how well are you selling the transformation you offer?

If you were to completely master selling the transformation, how would that feel? How would it feel to do one social post, and have 10 bookings for Discovery Calls roll in?

Can you feel the excitement of your social posts actually working!

You are optimistic for the future now that you're no longer trading time for money. All your online marketing is paying off. In. Real. Money.

So, can you commit today to making sure the next time you share about your program or your offer... that you don’t sell the modules.

Can you commit to selling the transformation instead?