Are you a goody-two-shoes like me?

Oct 19, 2022

Are you a goody-two-shoes like me?

You know the sort, we don’t like to break rules. And if we do break some, we feel sick to the stomach about it?

For me it started when I had began high school. I was bullied for my dedication to dance. So, I’m sure the people pleasing tendency I developed then was a coping mechanism to help minimize conflict with class mates.

Even now 30+ years later, I still like to avoid rocking the boat.

Yet the biggest rules placed upon me these days are not from parents, or classmates or teachers. Rather the rules are from APHRA. APHRA is the governing body for registered health professionals in Australia.

We have REALLY strict advertising rules under AHPRA.

As an Osteopath, if I’m promoting Osteopathy, I’m unable to use testimonials or entice people to have unnecessary treatments.

I do have a few other qualifications under my belt though. I’m a Naturopath and Nutritionist. And as these are not registered professions, there are more relaxed advertising rules. So as a coach, offering online nutrition programs and online business programs, I’m able to use testimonials.

Even so, if I didn’t have these additional qualifications... And if I was running a coaching business using my Osteopathy knowledge to provide an online coaching program...I could still advertise my online business without breaking the APHRA rules.

Here are my hot tips if you are a registered health professional, but you have been too scared to start an online program due to your professional regulations.

  • Keep your clinical work and your online coaching work completely separate... ie, have separate websites and separate booking systems
  • Speak to your insurance provider to see if you need separate insurance. If you do, that’s a good sign as it separates your online coaching work from your clinical work
  • Make sure your clients know they are working with you NOT as an Osteopath, Physio, Chiro, or Psychologist etc. Rather, as an Online Coach. And have this stated in the user agreement that you ask them to sign.
  • Avoid testimonials unless you can work under a separate qualification (that is not registered).
  • Do not entice people to unnecessary sessions with you... ie, selling a package of 5 sessions. Unless you can work under a separate qualification that is not registered.
  • Find out your local jurisdiction rules and regulations. Even though APHRA is a national body in Australia, there are some differences in rules between states.

And finally, if you have been thinking about starting an online coaching program, but you have been too scared about breaking the APHRA rules, don’t let this stop you!

You can still be a goody-two-shoes, and make an amazing impact in the online space!

Andrea :)

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