The 5 Success Factors for Online Businesses

Dec 22, 2022

I've been reflecting and pondering recently.  Why can some people grow their business with ease (and it appears with no effort)? Yet others seem to struggle all the way along. 

If you've been following me in the online space for a while now, you will see that I've been very successful online. But it hasn't been by accident...

I've got certain personality characteristics that have given me the inner resources to create success. Plus I have taken certain actions that have allowed me success too.

In fact, last night I ticked over the $400K mark from my online programs in the past 18 months.  

But it wasn’t always like this… I didn't have all the tools and strategies when I first started online. Nor did I have the mindset that I have now. I taught myself everything via YouTube. But I wasted so much time making unnecessary mistakes along the way.

It wasn’t until I mastered these 5 Success Factors that I'm about to share with you that things fell into place. Success that I would never have even imagined possible before, started coming to me.

So, what is it that allows some of us to succeed in crazy amazing ways, while others struggle?

I put it down to these 5 Success Factors...

1️⃣ Have 100% Trust in Yourself

Trust yourself to make the right decisions. You know the right answers. You can do this. And you get to decide. You don't need to know all the steps now, but you do need to trust that you can learn them.

I often hear "but I don't know how to do the tech", or "but I don't know how to structure my online course".

Then I say "it doesn't matter" - I didn't know when I first started out either!

We all start at ZERO. As long as you are open to learning, and have the trust in yourself that you can do it, you will. Trust in yourself is one of the important keys for online success. 

2️⃣ Be an Action Taker

Those who make powerful decisions quickly tend to have the best results. Making fast aligned decisions shows you are an action taker. Action takers don't wait for 'tomorrow' or 'next week' or 'next year'.

I've seen it time and time again....

Those clients who say 'Yes, I'm in', without knowing the What or the How. These are the people who create crazy success for themselves. 

It's all about taking small, consistent actions each and every day. These small actions are easy to do, but just as easy not to do. It's the action takers that create success. 

3️⃣ Be Willing to Lean into Fear

Lean into fear. You will beat fear if you feel it, acknowledge it, and take action anyway. It's hard. It's normal. And we all experience fear. 

Fear around taking uncomfortable action. Fear around investing more money than you've ever invested in yourself before. Fear around what others would think of you. Lean in, and do it anyway. Those who face fear head on, are those who succeed. 

4️⃣ Keep investing in yourself

Those of us who are willing to invest in mentors and coaches, are the ones who reach higher levels of success. Follow those who have paved the way for you. Learn from their mistakes so you don't have to make them also. Learn from their successes, so you can shortcut the way to success too. 

Speaking from personal experience, in 15 months I have invested close to $90K. Each time I invest, my business has a massive up-level. I went from $0 to regular $10K months, and following another self investment, last week I hit my first $20K day!

That is some massive impact I'm creating in the world! And it's all taking me towards leaving my legacy of making the world a healthier and happier place, in a very big way. You can do this too! Invest in a coach that you connect with, and you feel aligned with.

5️⃣ Know that time in the game brings success 

You won't hit your goals on Day 1, particularly if you are starting from scratch.

But if you trust in yourself... if you invest in yourself and your business... if you take action, and take consistent aligned strategic action... you will create success.

You need the right strategy. You need to be an action taker. You need support from the right coach who will take you there. And once time in the game is on your side too...well...look out world!

So if you deep down know you are destined for bigger things. That you are destined for your impact to reach further than your local postcode. That you have a mission to help people, from all around the world. It comes down to being comfortable with being uncomfortable. To facing your fears, and doing it anyway. And taking consistent aligned action. 

It's going to be scary. There will be times that you are on the rollercoaster. Happy and excited one moment, and about to burst into tears the next. Moments where you say 'OMG what am I doing' when you enter your credit card details for that big scary investment in yourself

Yet, if you can master these 5 Success Factors above, you have everything you need to create extraordinary success. To have the life and business that you desire, but that so many others will never have to courage to strive for. 

So tell me, are there any of these 5 Success Factors that you can see as your current growth opportunity? Let me know! 

And if you are ready to jump in. If you are ready to take aligned action. If you are ready to make powerful decisions. If you are ready to invest in yourself and your business... Now is the time. 2023 is going to be the year to seriously power up in the online coaching industry.

So, come join me! Let me teach you the marketing, sales, tech, offer creation and long term strategy... Everything you need to create success! Book in a Discovery Call now: 

Andrea :)