Health & Wellness Biz Owners - STOP Trading Time for Money!

Nov 16, 2022

I left my clinic in September of 2021 to move interstate. Instead of starting another practice and beginning again from scratch, I decided to move into the online space and created an idea to run a mindset/movement/nutrition course for women over 35 to lose weight, gain energy and get healthy for life. This is how I made 250K in my first year running an online course...

1️⃣ I had an idea
2️⃣ I hired a coach
3️⃣ I did exactly what my coach told me, following her proven method
4️⃣ I worked hard for a few months, building my course before and after work, while I continued to see patients in my clinic
5️⃣ After 3 months, I stopped seeing 1:1 clients, and moved completely over to my group coaching program
6️⃣ I gave my clients a really amazing experience
7️⃣ I asked my clients for testimonials

And before I knew it...I was at $250K

If you are a worn-out health or wellness business owner and want to move away from the 1:1 model...where you can't scale because you don't have any more time...then listen in...

I'm currently running the beta round of my group coaching program, where in 16 weeks I help Health & Wellness biz owners STOP trading time for money and launch their own profitable online course through my, "Help More People AND Make More Money" Coaching Program.

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Andrea x