3 Online Course Ideas for 'hands-on' therapists.

Dec 14, 2022

I've recently spoken to many manual therapists about diversifying online. They all want to keep doing what they do because they love it, but they also want to stop trading time for money. These include osteopaths, physios, chiros, kinesiologists and remedial massage therapists.

They are wanting to expand to online, yet they are stuck on the 'hands on' idea. They can't quite get their head around how they would take their knowledge and expertise and turn it into an online program.

In order to help get the creative juices flowing, and help you start thinking outside the box, I came up with 3 course ideas. These should then help you come up with something of your own.

This blog is perfect for you if you are struggling to know what your online course should be? You know you want to go online, but you can't come up with an idea.

Before I get into it...I have to tell you something...It wasn't always so easy for me to come up with ideas either!

I was stuck in the 'hands on' thinking too, and I've been in the online space for 5 years! I've had huge success with my mindset/movement/nutrition program, as I'm triple qualified as an osteopath as well as a naturopath and nutritionist, so I found it easy to come up with an idea...

Yet when I started studying my Business Coaching Certification I hit a mindset block. I told my coach that I wanted to work with health and wellness practitioners. She told me... "Great...you're an osteopath, so you'll be able to help osteos and physios and chiros".

And back then, I said to her...

"I wouldn't know what topic to help them create a course on....they all work hands on"...so even I had to try to think outside the box.

Now...things are a little different.

I have expanded my mind, and I can see so much possibility for all of you in the 'hands on' profession. I can see how you can take your knowledge and help clients all over the world through online programs.

Here are 3 online course ideas for Osteos, Physios, Chiros and other Manual Therapists.

1) Pain or Chronic Pain.

There are so many things you can educate your clients about if they experience pain or chronic pain . You could even niche this down further to say, Fibromyalgia, or low back pain, or Frozen shoulder. Taking Fibromyalgia as an example. There are so many patients suffering with this condition. They all need support and guidance. Staying within scope of practice of course... you could have modules on exercise, nutrition, pain education and mindset, to name a few.

2) Stress 

Ahhh...we all know how much stress impacts the body, both physically and mentally. If you created a program on stress, you could educate about sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. You could have modules on stress reducing techniques, nutrition, supplements, exercise, mindset, sleep. So much! But of course, staying within your scope of practice.

3) Rehab

You could build out a specific 12 week rehab program around a certain injury or condition. Take an achilles tendon injury for example. If you ran an evergreen program on this, you could take clients through a specific rehab journey with you. They could get back to doing the activities they love, with so much great support from you. And they could be anywhere in the world!

So, in summary, you now have three course ideas that I shared you with, that would be perfect if you are manual therapist such as an osteo, physio or chiro.

  1. Pain or chronic pain

  2. Stress, or hyper-mobility

  3. Rehab.

And there is so much more you can do too if you have additional training or qualifications. Those who work with womens health and pelvic pain - perfect course idea there. Or if you work with babies, so much education and support is required both pre and post natally. And if you have extra counselling or nutrition or NLP training...then you have so much choice.

The online coaching industry is growing massively. The best time to create your online course was yesterday, but the next best time to create it is today. So don't hesitate. Get that idea, and get online!

Through my 16 Week Coaching Program, I help health and wellness clinic owners STOP trading time for money by creating their own profitable online course.

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Andrea :)